Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yule Panties & Outfits for the UK boys & girls!

Look what my darling jezi-girl found (Good girl!):


Ann Summers has a nice assortment of Mrs/Miss Santa outfits, all of which meet with my approval. The apron, and the North Pole bra and thong could also be acceptable.

As far as the panties go, I'd prefer the "Seducing Santa" shorts WITHOUT the message on the back, but I like the "Christmas Cracker" Knickers (shown at right) - they are more girlie and come in what look like reasonably large sizes for the UK. There's also some naughty reindeer and snowman pouches that I will consider an acceptable non-femme substitute for the boys out there. Remember: if you are just buying undies, that they need to be ones that you can wear all day under your regular clothes.

jezi is also going to check out this Tartan thong (at left) at Debenhams, which looks like it might be much more her style:


One of the things that I like about this kind of assignment is how each of you shows your personality in the item(s) that you buy. Along those same lines, WP2, who is definitely all boy, found the below Cookie Monster Holiday Panties at Primark:

The less expensive stores are more likely to have the holiday novelty items, so don't be afraid to check them out! They are perfectly acceptable for this assignment. Also, because they can be hard to find, you are allowed to buy your Holly-Day panties online, but you need to order them NOW if you are going to do so. There are some links for US sources in the original post and in the assignment itself.

So far, I only have the one shopping report (from WP2). I'm looking forward to him wearing his panties while he attends some holiday parties this weekend. (One of which is at the same time as my own office party! That should be fun! ;-)) If you are interested in joining in, now is the the time to request my Yule Assignment and get your shopping on!

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