Monday, December 27, 2010

Kink-Colored Glasses: Puppy Footies

I was downloading pics of my new everyday panties from my phone, when I realized that I had never posted these.

I spotted these Adult-Sized, Doggie-Themed, One-Piece, Footed, Fleece PJs in the Ladies Sleepwear department at Target before Christmas. While I usually have my puppies wear as little as possible, my first thought was that it would make a nice fuzzy "coat" for a puppy during the colder months. I'm not sure what my European puppy, mutt, would think of them, especially in pink. However, I know a couple furries who would have a happy fit!

Now, I do have to admit that I found them a little confuzzling: The feet have a generic, cartoonish puppy face that looks more like... maybe... hmmmm... a beagle? Whereas the design on the chest looks closer to a Scottie. Perhaps they were genetically confused? (Oh.. wait.. they must have been! How else do you get two heads on your feet?)

In case you're wondering, the red ones in the pic are the Nick & Nora® Womens Sock Monkey Footed Pajamas Set - Red. I didn't find the puppy ones on the Target site, however, you can also get a "jump" on my Easter assignment with the Nick & Nora® Womens Bunny Footed Pajamas Set - Pink.

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