Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My Yule Assignment Has Been E-mailed

With Three Levels of Feminization, this year's Yule/Holly-Day assignment has a little something for everyone:

- Level One is a holiday panty buying & wearing assignment for those who don't normally crossdress, and generally would only wear panties in order to please their Mistress and/or because they enjoy the feel of them.

- Level Two is an online shopping assignment for sissies and other CDs/TVs/etc. who want to crossdress in sexy little outfits for their Mistress, but aren't able to do so because of privacy reasons.

- Level Three is a dressup assignment for sissies and other CDs/TVs/etc. who can find the time/privacy to buy and wear a special outfit just for me.

I expect most of my boys to participate at Level One, whereas my jezi will certainly do Level Two and will hopefully have the privacy for Level Three.

To participate, email: ForMistressMagick *at* Yahoo *dot* com and request my Yule Assignment.

The photo above is from Cacique:

Not only do they have the outfit above, also they have
Yummy Plus-Sized Holly-Day Panties on Sale for 50% off, including the ones below:
(Some of the best ones are already sold out, so you'd better hurry!)

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