Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things ~

Because you asked, both to know me better and to have some idea of the holiday gifts I might like, I have decided to share the below. It's a list that I usually keep for my personal submissives.
* * *

Textures: Leather, Velvet, Silk, Lace, Satin, Single-colored Jacquard Designs

Colors: Black, Purple, Metallic Gold, Forest Green, Sage Green, Burgundy, Dark Rose

Sleek black for iPods, phones, etc. and always black for leather. Black with gold, ivory, sage green or silver grey for bedding (queen sized, of course). I only prefer silver over gold are for things like cars & computers, where it really looks better.

When in doubt, go with black, possibly accented with gold. As my sub, you’ll learn that those are my signature colors. As you might have noticed, purple has also become a real favorite. ;-)

Stones: Onyx, Hematite, Amethyst, Rose Quartz – Diamonds are my birthstone.

I usually only wear gold or brass jewelry. Gold-filled is okay. Gold-plated is just tacky!

Motifs: Roses; Stars, Moons and Suns; Goddesses; Angels; Celtic-knot, Astrological, Greek, Roman, Asian (especially Japanese) and Egyptian patterns & symbols; Lotus Blossoms

Flavors: Chocolate w/ Raspberry or w/ Hazelnut or other nuts; Ginger; Peaches; Dark Cherries; Cashews. I only like fresh strawberries, preferably chocolate-dipped.

Drinks: Sweet champagnes & meads; Chai lattes; Hot chocolate (see flavors above); Bellinis; Frozen Peachy or Mango-flavored Girlie Drinks

Restaurants: The Cheesecake Factory, The Melting Pot, Firebird’s (steak house with the BEST prime rib), Kanki, Outback; Japanese restaurants, also Thai, Chinese, Indian, American, etc.

I don’t like “hot" food – no hot peppers or wasabi -- but I love things with lots of herbs and flavor (rosemary, garlic, ginger, yellow curry, etc).

I have wishlists for my birthday, holidays, etc. on

When you select something from a list, remember to indicate that you have purchased it.

Also, Gift Certificates from the following are always welcome:

- Amazon – I buy most of my books, movies and music from Amazon or Amazon third-party sellers, and get many other goodies and essentials from there as well.

- Target – My favorite place to shop for everyday things, from nail polish to new sheets. I prefer the hardcopy Gift Cards (not the online certificates) so that I can use them in the store, however they will not ship them to PO Boxes. For a personal touch, pick up a cute one from your local store and tuck it inside a greeting card.

- Barnes & Noble – I prefer the Gift Cards (not the online-only certificates) so they can be used in the store - to buy journals & Godiva chocolates, and to sit in the cafĂ© and sip chai lattes. (I like to look at books at B&N, but I usually buy them from Amazon.)

Online Gift Certificates can be sent to:
ForMistressMagick *at*

You can send gift cards and other items to me via my publisher:

M. Magick
c/o MoonDance Publications
P O Box 14134
Durham, NC 27709-4134

DO NOT put “Mistress Magick” on the outside of the package, however interior notes can be addressed that way. Also, send me an e-mail so that I can ask her to watch for the package.

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